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Business Loans: Growing Your Business

At Grand Rapids State Bank, we offer a variety of products and services to help you establish, maintain and grow your business.  Our team of business bankers has one main purpose in mind – delivering sound and viable solutions to help your business succeed.

  • Real Estate Loans - Construction and permanent loans on most types of commercial property and buildings.

  • Lines of Credit - Seasonal or revolving loans, or to bridge gaps in receivables or finance inventory.

  • Term Loans - Loans for equipment, capital improvements, company vehicles or other business needs.  Irregular or skip payment options are available to address seasonal cash flow.

  • Letters of Credit - Performance and financial standby letters of credit for most commercial purposes. Provide and clear commercial documentary letters of credit for trade purposes.

  • Gap Loans - SBA loans (Section 7A or Section 504 loans) for long-term fixed rate commercial building finance. Other non-bank gap financing is available through regional and quasi-public institutions that specialize in business development and job creation.  Limited documentation (low doc) loans for working capital, equipment financing and real estate acquisition.

  • Overline - With a line of ready credit for your short-term needs, we can help your company avoid accidental overdrafts.

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