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 Ana Noble

Anastasia Noble’s mother likes unique names, and it shows.  Ana, as she is commonly known around the teller line, was hired October 8, 2013, and she “loves it.”  When you talk with Ana about her likes and dislikes, you don’t leave the conversation with any doubts about what’s on her mind.

“I love working for the bank,” explained Ana.  “Everyone here is so friendly, and I am free to be myself.  I like the way this bank gets involved in the community, and I like the fact that this is not a franchise bank.”

Ana grew up in Grand Rapids and graduated from high school in May 2012.  She attended Northern Lights Community School in Warba, MN since the sixth grade, and the school was a perfect fit for her. 

“I liked to talk a lot, and my mom and teachers agreed I needed a different setting than a traditional classroom,” said Ana.  “Northern Lights was wonderful.  One of the things they required was that each student be responsible for completing 40 hours of community service each year.  As a result, I did a lot of different things: I sang to seniors in nursing homes; helped pack groceries for the Food Shelf; and did some gardening at the ICC community garden.

“In addition to that, I have been working part-time since I was 15,” she continued.  “I started out at McDonald’s and worked my way up to being a manager.  After graduating high school I left McDonald’s and started working for Verizon Wireless for about a year.”

Northern Lights School has a project-based learning environment, and in a student’s senior year they are obliged to spend 300 hours on a capstone project.  Ana chose to completely redecorate and furnish a bare study hall.  She planned the interior design, built cabinets and shelves, and repainted the entire room.  Along with one of her best friends, she was able to give the school a lasting gift.

“Northern Lights is really student-focused, and it was a great place for me,” Ana added.

After working a few “odds and ends” job during 2013 (waitressing at Madden’s Dutch Room and working at a flower shop), Ana was hired at GRSB.  She works as a teller and as the concierge at the west entrance of the main bank.

“I have a passion for working with money and helping people,” said Ana.  “Besides that, the pay is good and the benefits are great.” 

Ana lives with her boyfriend, Tanner Happy.  They have dreamed about building a home someday on land he inherited.  “I love this area; I can’t see myself ever leaving.”

During the winter, Ana and Tanner like to go snowmobiling and ice skating.  In the summer months, her favorite activity is boating on Pokegama Lake.  “I really love the quiet of being out on the lake,” said Ana without a hint of irony.

“I have to admit that I’m very talkative,” she said, “and I love meeting people.  What a great place to work: I get to do all of that here, and I also am able to help people.  I see older couples and I know there is hope for the future. 

“I’m just starting my life, and I like working here,” continued Ana.  “I want to know what needs customers have, and I want to leave them with a smile.  Whether it’s McDonald’s or Verizon or Grand Rapids State Bank, what better compliment is there than having people leave here being happy and satisfied?”

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Left: Ana and Tanner.  Right: Ana's sister, Lydia; mother, Debbie; and Ana.

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