Employee profile: Brittany Adams

 Brittany Adams

Brittany Adams, a native of Grand Rapids, was hired as a GRSB teller on December 10, 2013.  She is just emerging from the intensive training period that all tellers at GRSB experience, and she finds the job interesting.

“The days go by fast,” said Brittany, “and I meet a lot of new people all day long.  It’s an interesting job, that’s for sure.”

Brittany graduated from Grand Rapids High School in 2008.  She stayed at home with her son, Prestyn, for 15 months before taking a job at Target and a second job at H.O.M.E.S Inc.  After working both jobs for better than a year she took a full-time position with H.O.M.E.S and left Target.

“I worked as a direct support professional, working with vulnerable adults,” Brittany explained.  “It was a challenging job, but I was happy for an opportunity to work hours that were a bit more regular so I could have more time with my son.”

Brittany’s father is a cousin of Dale Adams, husband of Gayle Adams, one of the long-tenured GRSB account services representatives.  Most of her aunts and uncles live out of state.  Brittany has two brothers, one of whom lives in Grand Rapids.

“I have been living with my boyfriend, Tony, for the past four years,” said Brittany.  “We went to school together, but I was dating one of his good friends.  We met at a party once and I ignored him; something must have worked.  The next day he sent me a Facebook message; we began talking and never stopped.  We’re still together and plan on getting married in the future.

“My life revolves around Prestyn who is a kindergartner at Murphy Elementary School,” Brittany continued.  “He likes all sports: golf, hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball.  I expect that at some point he’ll focus, but right now I enjoy taking him to all of these activities.”

Brittany attended and graduated from the Health Unit Coordinator course at Lake Superior College, but was unable find a job in Itasca County that her area of study covered.  She didn’t want to move to find a job because her support network was here in Grand Rapids, so here she is.  Brittany and Tony tried their hand at being entrepreneurs: they started up and owned a taxi business in Grand Rapids, A-B Taxi.  It was very interesting, she reports.

“We met a lot of good people, but it’s not the kind of job you want as a young family,” said Brittany.  “We operated our service from 7 pm to 2 am during weekdays and from 7 pm to 4 am on weekends.  They were long days.”

Brittany’s role as a teller is too new for her to know what kind of career she’d like to pursue, but she knows that people can take a variety of career paths from that job.  “I don’t know what I want to do, but this job gives me a chance to earn better pay which will help me find a better house in which to raise a family.”


Left: Minnesota Vikings fans Brittany and Prestyn; right, Tony and Brittany. 

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