Employee profile: Carrie Barsness

 Carrie Barsness

Carrie Barsness is one of those "happy" people.  You know the type: smiley, cheerful, eternally sunny, the glass is “half full” all the time.  And luckily for Grand Rapids State Bank, she has a job where this upbeat attitude is on display for many customers. 

Carrie is one of GRSB’s account service representatives, and her desk is stationed strategically near the east entrance of the main bank building.  She’s responsible for responding to customer phone inquiries, assisting with funds transfers, helping balance checking accounts and generally supporting co-worker Gayle Adams, the other friendly face at the east entrance to the main bank building.

“I like this job,” said Carrie.  “It provides me more opportunity for one-on-one interaction with customers, and as I take time to get to know people, they trust me to help them with other financial needs they have.  I deal with the same people I served on the teller line, but the kind of interaction is different.  I really enjoy this work.”

Carrie worked as a part-time teller for nine years prior to accepting this role as half-time account services representative in June 2013.  Carrie worked for eight years at Glen’s Army-Navy Surplus Store as a cashier and sales clerk prior to joining GRSB. 

Carrie is a Grand Rapids native and graduated from the Grand Rapids school system.  She married her high school friend, Josh Barsness.

“I remember meeting Josh for the first time in fourth grade,” Carrie explained.  “I grew up living in town and then about sixth grade we moved out of town, and it happened to be about two miles from where Josh lived.  I remember him riding his bike to come visit me now and then.  He actually became one of my best friends during our early high school years, and we didn’t start dating until senior year.”

About the time Carrie was being interviewed for her internal job transfer this spring, she was recovering from a torn Achilles tendon.  “I injured it during an exercise class,” Carrie recalls, “and I took some time off to let it get better.  I thought it was fine, but when I resumed exercising again, I found out it wasn’t.  I had torn the tendon horizontally and vertically, so surgery was required.”  Carrie is still following a rehab routine and is making progress: she recently ran a mile indoors at the Y. 

When Carrie isn’t working she enjoys camping and entertaining friends.  She and Josh love the North Shore of Lake Superior; they stayed in Grand Marais for their honeymoon.  They have a big group of friends who gather there every year for a couple of days at a time, and this reinforces their love of the area.

Josh is a forklift mechanic at Herc-U-Lift’s Grand Rapids service center; the company has operations in four states.  Josh and Carrie have two children: Lauren and Ryan.  “They are typical, active kids,” said Carrie.  “Lauren loves reading and dancing and Ryan loves doing anything boy-related, including working on cars with his dad.”

“I grew up here, but I don’t like the cold,” said Carrie. “But where else would we go?

“In a couple of months I plan to visit my grandparents who spend December through April on the Alabama Gulf Coast,” Carrie continued.  “It’s beautiful down there that time of year, and it helps me get through the northern Minnesota winter.  But this is home.”

barsness family  st pats run  carrie's kids

Left: Carrie & Josh, Ryan and Lauren enjoy the Alabama Gulf Coast.  Center: Carrie prepares for a St. Pat's Day run in Minneapolis in 2013.  Right: Ryan, Lauren and niece Hadley.

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