Employee profile: Connie Halling

 Connie Halling

Connie Halling works as an administrative assistant in the personal lending department at Grand Rapids State Bank.  “I love my job and the people I work with,” Connie offered. “We work hard but have a lot of laughs, too.  It’s a great place to work.”

Connie’s primary job function is processing loans, which consists of assisting lenders with the numerous forms required to complete a loan.  In her eight years of working at GRSB, loan processing has changed dramatically.

“This work is so much more complex than it was just a few years ago when I started here,” explained Connie.  “The new lending regulations have resulted in us having to complete many new compliance forms and checklists.  My interaction with customers is mostly on the phone, as I follow-up with the documentation we need in order to loan them money.  I work in the personal banking side of the lending department, so we’re mostly dealing with home mortgages and other consumer loans.”

Before joining GRSB, Connie worked at Itasca County Abstract Company.  “Working at the abstract company, I became familiar with the loan process, at least from one perspective.  I had worked there for four years but when the parent company downsized; my job was eliminated.  I was very happy for the chance to work here at Grand Rapids State Bank.”

Connie is a native of Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota, a mining community 80 miles northeast of Grand Rapids.  After graduating from high school, Connie chose to enroll at Itasca Community College (ICC).  “I was a shy person at the time I graduated,” Connie explained, “and my sister was living here in Grand Rapids.  ICC seemed like a good place to go to school and my sister had paved the way with her move here. 

“I was fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom for most of my working career,” Connie continued.  “Being a mom is a huge job, and I loved raising kids.  I have four children who are now almost all college graduates; my son, Michael, is in his last year at UM-D earning a degree in actuarial science.”

“My daughters—Kendra, Carina, and Bobbi —are all gainfully employed in various fields, and that makes a mother happy.  Kendra is married and is an architect in Portland, Oregon.  Carina is a medical lab technician in Plymouth, Minnesota, and Bobbi is a financial analyst in Rochester.  Needless to say, I’m proud of my children.”

Connie loves to read and garden.  While she’s not a farmer and doesn’t have a big yard, she loves planting a flower garden every year and doing what she can to outwit the deer who love to mow down her crop. She’s found that sprinkling human hair around her perennials and other deer favorites seems to put them off—somewhat.

Connie has also volunteered at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in Cohasset teaching Sunday school, and when her children were younger she was a school volunteer and a Math Masters coach.  She also volunteered at the Food Shelf and the Community Café, which she found to be very rewarding. 

“I’m not ready to retire any time soon, but I find that spending time with my children and their family activities is one of my favorite things to do,” said Connie.  “In the meantime, I enjoy the people here at GRSB and the interesting work I do.”


Connie is proud of her family: Bobbi and Kendra (front, left to right) and (back) Michael and Carina.  Right: son-in-law Chris and Kendra enjoy a warmer venue.  

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