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Jeni Dorr

If the Grand Rapids State Bank were a baseball team, Jeni Dorr would be a utility infielder, a player the manager uses where needed.  After 16 years of banking experience at GRSB and three other banks, Jeni has mastered several key jobs.  Jeni’s title is senior teller, but she fills other roles as needed, primarily in the Account Services department. 

“On any given day, I might be working at either the main bank or the Pokegama Office, depending on where I’m needed,” explained Jeni.  “But I like the multi-tasking, and it enables me to work with many different people throughout the organization.”

Jeni’s role as senior teller means that she carries a few teaching and coaching duties on the teller line.  She also has been the primary back-up to the account services role at the Pokegama Office. 

“I worked for a couple of larger, corporate banks in the Twin Cities before moving to Grand Rapids,” said Jeni, “but I love working at a family-owned bank.  Community banks tend to put the customer first.” 

Jeni’s interests and hobbies away from work include travel, reading, football and “mom-taxi.”  Jeni and her husband, Alan (a line engineer at Lake Country Power), have two children: Ali (age 11) and Jace (age 8).  Between Ali’s dance and piano lessons and Jace’s hockey, football and baseball, the “mom-taxi” is running nearly non-stop, it seems.

Jeni is a Grand Rapids native, and her love for football goes back to the days when the annual game for the “little brown jug” was the game of the year between Grand Rapids and Greenway.  Jeni notes proudly that the Grand Rapids high school football field is now named after her grandfather, Noble Hall. 

Jeni’s interest in travel prompted her to earn a certificate in travel management at St. Cloud Business College.  She then worked as a flight attendant for Mesaba Airlines where most of her air miles were logged between Grand Rapids and Minneapolis.  However, this training has given her the travel bug for life.  She has visited Mexico, Italy, Vancouver, Alaska, California, Florida, Mexico, and Washington, D.C. Her favorite: Italy.

“My mom and brother and I traveled throughout Italy a couple of years ago, and it is a very special place,” said Jeni.  “Florence was art, Rome was history at every turn, and Venice was Venice.  I’d love to go back.”

Jeni’s desire to stay busy has prompted her to lead an employee effort to create the GRSB Employee Scholarship Fund.  Three “casual for a cause” (dress-down days) employee fundraisers are scheduled each year to generate funds for the scholarships.  The fund is targeted at area high school students who want to further their post-high school education in financial services. 

“The ‘casual for a cause’ fundraisers were fun, but I thought we could find a way to keep the money local,” said Jeni.  “It seems to be catching on.”  

  Jeni Disney              Jeni Rome

Jeni's favorite travel destinations include Disneyland (with Ali and Jace and Daisy Duck) and Rome.


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