Employee profile: Julie Anne Larkin


Sometimes your life’s path takes twists and turns, and the challenge is to cope with where you find yourself on that road.  Julie Anne Larkin works as a teller and as concierge at the GRSB reception desk, and these jobs have taught her a great deal about customer service.

“I moved to the Grand Rapids area in 2010,” Julie Anne explained.  “I knew practically no one here, but I was recovering from a divorce after many years of marriage while working full time and going to school, and I needed a place to regroup.  I owned a family cabin on Hill Lake near Hill City where I knew I could find peace and beauty, so I threw caution to the wind and moved here, because it was a place where I felt happy.”

Julie Anne did “tons of networking.”  After visiting with Jim Hoolihan, then president of the Blandin Foundation, he suggested that she contact Grand Rapids State Bank, considering she had some banking experience on her resume.  Within a couple of months there was an opening for a teller position, a job Julie Anne accepted without knowing exactly where it would lead.  Three years later she’s adapted her life to accommodate this part-time position.

“My time here at GRSB has been very valuable,” explained Julie Anne.  “I’ve learned to use all my senses and take a 360-degree perspective to anticipating customer needs.  We have a very proactive customer support model here at Grand Rapids State Bank, and I learned I can do a lot of things I didn’t know I could."

Julie Anne characterizes herself as a learner.  She worked in banking “back in the day” at TCF Bank, Yellow Medicine County Bank and Majestic Savings.  She also has worked in the academic affairs office at St. Thomas University and coordinated the Anoka County Children and Family Council.  Julie Anne’s career has included early childhood development, higher education and banking; what’s next?

“As someone who loves learning, I’ve become a student of holistic health and mindfulness,” said Julie Anne.  “Both support life balance--the balance of body, mind and spirit—which is ultimately important to ensure quality of life.

“I began practicing mindfulness-based stress reduction in 2004 in response to stresses in my life, and this helped me so much I wanted to learn how to help others,” she continued.  “I’ve earned a master’s degree in holistic health, and I am doing some one-to-one mindfulness coaching and classes on a part-time basis.”

Julie Anne is a mother of three adult children and a grandmother to three youngsters.  Her family is important to her, and she has learned how to stay in touch with them without being in the Twin Cities, where they all live.  The family all love to visit her on Hill Lake, which is a source of joy for her.

“My work at the concierge desk is an opportunity for me to project the warm and friendly presence we hope to convey to every one of our customers,” said Julie Anne.  “We provide a variety of services to our external and internal customers while helping direct people to others who can respond to their needs.  All of us take pride in doing that job well for the sake of all our customers.”


Photos from Hill City's annual July 4th community celebration, including the newest addition to Julie Anne's family.

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