Employee profile: Kristin Hanks

Kristin Hanks is nine months pregnant, and her calm demeanor doesn’t seem to capture her “Double O Negative” roller derby persona. 

“I’m looking forward to having this child and returning, someday, to the roller derby rink,” said Kristin.  The due date for her second child is July 5, and everything seems to be going well.  The baby is “measuring right on” and other than suffering through a persistent stuffy nose all pregnancy, Kristin radiates confidence about her second child.

“My son, Orion, will be eight in August, and he’s counting down the days until his little brother is born,” Kristin continued.  “I’m glad that he’s excited; he’s been wanting a brother for some time.”

Kristin works as an administrative assistant in the business banking department.  She prepares loan documents for GRSB’s three commercial lenders, Al Liestman, Wayne Bruns and Jared Pink.  She’s had this role since 2013, and it’s one she enjoys. 

“I like working with numbers, and I’m very particular about being exact, a helpful trait considering what I do,” said Kristin.  The loan officers prepare spreadsheets detailing the loan amount and payment schedule, and it’s Kristin’s job to translate those numbers into a formal loan document.  Occasionally she is called upon to have direct contact with those customers, but since her office is readily accessible on the ground floor of the main office, she sometimes gets a chance to interact with them in person when they stroll past her desk.

Kristin has worked at GRSB since January 2001 when she was hired as a part-time teller at the Pokegama Office. Within one year she became a full-time teller.  She received a new position as operations assistant in March 2004, and her work included handling transactions with the Federal Reserve Bank and the various correspondent banks with which GRSB does business.  She also worked on accounts payable and assisted with the bank’s budgeting process.

In November 2006 Kristin moved into the customer support/item processing departments.  For a couple of years the two physically-adjacent departments shared her, but the customer support role required more resources so Kristin’s job evolved into a fulltime role there.  “I liked working in those departments,” she added; every day brought a different set of issues and challenges.  “When I was given full-time status in customer support, I was moved upstairs to work with customers directly.”

In 2012 Kristin took a position in the lending department and she’s been there ever since.  The knowledge she’s gained in the bank’s operations departments make her valuable to GRSB.

Kristin grew up in Grand Rapids and hasn’t had much occasion to leave.  After high school graduation and two years at Itasca Community College, she worked at Hardee’s, Arrowhead Promotion and Gordy’s Foods.   She was encouraged to apply for a Grand Rapids State Bank teller job thanks to a friend, Kristi Stanley.  She and her husband, Jason, an automotive technician at Wayne’s Automotive, have an eight-year-old son, Orion.  The family enjoys camping (Mable Lake near Remer is a favorite). 

Kristin disclosed that she’s fond of “urban exploration,” or scouting out abandoned buildings.  She thinks that interest was spurred by the fact that she grew up next to a building that had once been the old Grand Rapids jail.  There was always mystery surrounding the site before it was torn down.  When she gets a chance to rummage through old buildings now, she always imagines what was life was like for the people who once lived there.

Kristin has been a key volunteer for March of Dimes, having organized several of the annual fundraising walks among GRSB employees.  She also recalls fondly the time spent with roller derby.

“We practice three times a week for two hours and then we have the weekend bouts,” said Kristin.  “It’s a big time commitment, but it was fun.  I can let off a little steam and I enjoy the team aspect of the sport.  I hope to get back to being on the team after a couple of years.”

Her next life assignment is due in a few weeks; first things first. 


Left: Kristin during one of her Iron Range Attackonite Roller Derby bouts, a pasttime to which she wants to return someday.  Right: Jason, Kristin and Orion relive the Wild West during a recent trip to Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota.

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