Employee profile: Sam Worlie


Meet Sam Worlie, GRSB’s newest employee.  His first day on the job as a systems administrator in the information technology (IT) department was Thursday, June 19.  Sam reports to Andy Dehon, IT manager. 

“I grew up in Kelly Lake, a community that is a neighborhood within the city of Hibbing,” explained Sam.  “I graduated from Hibbing High School and worked in area restaurants and food service after graduation.

“I grew up using and loving computers,” Sam continued, “and after a few years I decided I would like to make my hobby my career.  I enrolled at Hibbing Community College in the micro-computer technology program.  After two years of study I was hired at the Virginia Regional Medical Center as an IT support specialist.”

Sam’s job at the Virginia hospital included rolling out new desktops for employees, supporting users who encountered problems, and providing fixes for server issues. 

In 2013 Essentia Health Systems purchased the Virginia hospital.  Sam’s role changed somewhat, and his primary job became migrating the old hospital systems to Essentia’s new system.  He learned a lot, he reports. 

When asked why he chose to leave Essentia to come to work at GRSB, Sam had an easy answer.

“I like working in a smaller organization,” said Sam.  “I feel as though I’ll have more ownership of my job, and I expect I can get things done more quickly.  I wasn’t necessarily looking to move; I was relatively happy doing what I was doing.  But the more I learned about Grand Rapids State Bank and the way my job in this IT department could expand and grow, the more excited I became.”

Sam has no experience working in a financial institution, and he expects this will be his most significant challenge.  He will participate in some intensive training on managing a virtual server network in a couple of months, once his feet are more firmly on the ground, and he looks forward to the steep learning curve.

“My love of computer technology prompted me to return to school after I had been out on my own for several years,” said Sam, “so I don’t expect any problems motivating myself to learn about IT issues in a bank environment.  Don’t get me wrong; it will be a challenge, but it’s a challenge I welcome.”

Sam’s hobbies include motorcycle riding and home do-it-yourself work.  He lives in Chisholm and commutes 40 miles one-way.  His family still lives in Chisholm, as does his fiancée and their daughter.  He adds that no wedding date has been set yet.

“I’ve been commuting from Chisholm to Virginia, so now I’m simply commuting the other direction,” said Sam.  “However, I could see myself moving to Grand Rapids at some point.  I own my home now, which makes it more difficult to move quickly, but I look forward to learning more about Grand Rapids and this bank.  I’m excited to be here.”

The only other person who may be more excited than Sam about him being here is Andy Dehon.  He looks forward to having a coworker who can competently assist GRSB computer users and who can help manage the bank’s virtual network and participate in the other functions managed by the two-person team day in and day out.  It may have been no coincidence that Sam was thrust into a half-day internal seminar on business continuity planning on his first day of work at GRSB.  

“There’s nothing like throwing someone in to the pool to see if they can swim,” said Andy wryly.  “It looks like he’ll be OK.”

Sam Worlie, his fiancee, Jen, and their daughter, Ali, on vacation.  

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