Coinciding with the opening of fishing season, the MacRostie Gallery will host a series of paintings by Kellie Rae Theiss that explore the aquatic ecology of northern Minnesota. A master painter and poet, Theiss makes portraits of fish, crustaceans, and turtles that reveal the great variety and beauty found in scales, fins, shells, and slime.


“Kellie Rae's poetic vision of nature comes into the world through the masterful sureness of her craft,” writes Dr. Evan Maurer, Director Emeritus of the Minneapolis Institute of Art. “Her sophisticated technique is based on the craft of the Renaissance masters whose work she studied and whose careful building up of the image yields a sense of depth that evokes the beating heart that lies beneath the feathers or scales in all their complexity of color and texture.”


Born and raised in Nebraska, Theiss earned her BFA at the University of Nebraska and continued her studies in art at the Academia de Riaci in Florence, Italy. She owned her own gallery in Minneapolis, MN, for nearly ten years and was president of the Twin Cities Fine Arts Organization. Now she works out of her studio near Floodwood, MN, which keeps her in close proximity to the subject matter that inspires her. Theiss is represented in galleries in Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, Alaska, and France, and she has work in the permanent collection of the Bell Museum of Natural History. 


Theiss also enjoys sharing her knowledge of the natural world with others by teaching classes to both young and mature students and reporting on nature for The Portage newspaper of Floodwood, MN, and on Northern Community Radio’s phenology program.


MINNESOTA GALLERY | LITTLE BIG SHOW: 7th Annual Miniatures Exhibition

Now in its seventh year, the Little Big Show is MacRostie Art Center’s annual miniatures invitational. Artists are invited to submit works in any medium that are no larger than twelve inches in any dimension and priced at no more than $100. As an exploration and celebration of small works, the show provides an interesting challenge to established artists and an opportunity for emerging artists to be involved in a regional exhibition and experience the process of preparing work for public display.

The Little Big Show also aims to expand awareness of and access to art in the community. This year’s exhibition will include submissions by over 60 different artists from Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and beyond. The effect of many small pieces displayed together emphasizes the not-so-small amount of creativity and expression at work in our region.

Event Photos

May 2, 2014 - 4:00pm to 8:00pm
405 1st Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

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