Flexibility, responsiveness are key to business VISA service features


Jeri Hanson, card services representative at Grand Rapids State Bank, oversees the bank’s suite of card services, including credit cards for corporate accounts. 


“For the company that needs extensive reporting options, we can provide reports organized by division, department, etc., or any other breakdown that makes sense for your company,” explained Jeri.  “There is also no limit to the number of card users we can set up for a business.”


Perhaps the most significant feature about GRSB’s business card service offering is our flexibility, Jeri explained.  “We’re able to work with customers on the spot to change limits on individual cards, and we can make those changes in real time. 


“We can process orders for new cards and have them approved within a day,” she continued.  “Generally, a card takes 7-10 business days to ship.  We also have the option to expedite the order at a cost of $20 and then expect the card to be in the hands of our customers within a couple of days,” she continued.  “That kind of service has proven very valuable for many of our customers.”


Jeri anticipates being in contact with the GRSB business customer base in coming months as the new EMV chip cards are introduced.  Even though the traditional magnetic strip cards will be around in the United States for some time, the EMV chip cards offer more security, and she anticipates many businesses will be making the transition between now and October 2015. 

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