Grand Rapids State Bank is a locally owned community bank. But, we’re also a small business, just like so many small businesses that we serve.  Community banks, like ours understand the economic interdependence of local businesses and their impact on the overall health of the local economy.

We believe in supporting our local economy, our friends and neighbors.  Because of that we make all attempts to shop local and reinvest our profits locally to contribute to the overall health of the communities that we live and work.

We are helping businesses and individuals realize their dreams and accomplish their goals, as they shop locally for financial services and we pay that forward by doing as much business locally as we can, and encouraging others to do the same.

The Go Local movement is vital to the economic vitality of small towns across our great nation.  Further; it is a microcosm of Buy American.  We can improve the health of our nation, but to do so we need to start here, at home in our local communities, and layering on the focus on good and services manufactured and delivered in the USA will restore our great nation to its former prosperity.


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