GRSB's Newest Senior Tellers - Christy Hoskins and Terri LaSalle


Grand Rapids State Bank is happy to announce the recent promotions of Christy Hoskins and Terri LaSalle to Senior Teller.  The Senior Teller position comes with all the usual teller duties as well as additional responsibilities including training new tellers, special projects and staff scheduling.  Both women have a similar story of growing up in Grand Rapids, being lured away to the Twin Cities for a time and then ultimately moving back to their hometown.  Here are the employee profiles of GRSB’s newest Senior Tellers.



Christy (Marshall) Hoskins is a local girl who loves music, local history, metaphysics and adventure.  Her love of adventure started early and evolved in her late teens.  “After high school I moved to the cities and lived there a few years before moving on to Boulder, Colorado for a year. In 2007 I moved back to Grand Rapids, where I finished school at Itasca Community College.”  The move home seemed ‘meant to be’.  “I met my husband while working as a barista at Brewed Awakenings.”  When asked if there were any similarities between the job at Brewed and her current job as a teller she replied with a smile, “Customers appreciate a high degree of accuracy in their coffee orders and in their banking”.


Christy is the epitome of an Up North outdoorswoman.  She says that her ideal way to spend her free time is exploring Minnesota by participating in a number of outdoor activities including camping, canoeing, bushwhacking and agate hunting on the North Shore.  Available free time for adventure seeking though is at a premium these days as Christy is also the mother of two young children, Kit and Sonja.  “A lot of my time is spent wiping noses and changing diapers.”  She and her husband Matt take parenting in stride and still make it a priority to spend plenty of time outdoors.  “We enjoy maintaining trails and bog-walking at our land south of town, where we intend to build in a few years.” 


Christy seems content with her current, slightly less adventurous life in Grand Rapids playing the roles of wife, mother, and full time GRSB employee. "We lived in Duluth for a while too, but decided to return home in 2009 which is when I began working at GRSB." As Christy says, “The rest is history”. 



 (Christy and Matt Hoskins taking a rest during a camping trip.; Kit enjoying the outdoors; & Sonja)




Terri LaSalle also prefers the great outdoors to the great indoors.  A Grand Rapids gal through and through she says she can’t get enough fishing, camping and being outdoors.  She is set up well for outdoor adventures as she and her husband Paul live west of Grand Rapids on a picturesque piece of land with the Mississippi River winding through it. 


Terri and Paul have four adult children between them and two grand-daughters who live in Canada.  These empty-nesters' home is far from quiet however as they share their space with their three rescue dogs Ryder, Cierra and Morgan.  Terri readily admits “These are my babies now”.  When asked about how she and her husband came to be recue dog owners, she quickly replied “We didn’t choose them, they chose us.” 


Morgan, whose official name is Sir Henry Morgan was the third rescue dog that “chose them”.  His is a particularly moving story in which he was saved from certain death.  Terri recapped the story: “An acquaintance’s elderly neighbor was unable to take care of this puppy and they were going to euthanize it.”  Terri heard this, jumped into action and volunteered to take care of it until a good home could be found.  It seems a good home has been found for the pup who is now three years old and very much at home with the LaSalles.  


Terri, like Christy, spent some time away from the area living in the Twin Cities for four years.  Despite the big city’s initial allure she eventually felt the pull of the North woods and decided to return to the area.  “I longed to be back in Grand Rapids; I love it here.”   


It seems that for both Christy and Terri, there’s no place like home. 



(Terri with her two sons, Shane and Chase; Paul and his two daughters, Kate and Sara; Rescue dogs Morgan, Cierra and Ryder enjoying a snooze)


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