Internet Access to Your Accounts

Grand Rapids State Investments Online

We provide the latest account and market information to keep you up to date. To access GRSI Online, you simply need Internet access.

The following links will provide you direct access to your investment accounts:

Retrieve Account Information Fast!

Review your account balances as of the previous business day, current market value for each position, even up to 90 days of account history.  Unsure of the status of your order?  Check the order status for an intra-day update of any filled, open or cancelled order.

Place Your Trades When You Want

Submit your own orders for equities, options and mutual funds at any time. Since we use the latest technology and encryption software, be assured that the transfer of account information and orders is secure.

Online Professional Tools

Accessing account information and placing orders is just the start! A variety of calculators, online help and an interactive tutorial complement the full range of services that GRSI Online has to offer.

Access Valuable Market Information

Gather research, related market data and quotes to make more informed investment decisions.  Quotes from all U.S. exchanges, news headlines and U.S. market performance summaries provide the market information that you need.