Employee profile: Amanda Gray

Amanda Gray was hired at Grand Rapids State Bank in early January this year as a teller.  Prior to joining GRSB, Amanda worked at the front desk at Super 8.  “I always wanted to work at a bank,” said Amanda.  “All I’ve ever done is customer service and I really enjoy interacting with people.  I get that same opportunity here at Grand Rapids State Bank.” 

Amanda noted that she now realizes how personable one needs to be when working at a bank.  “It’s a different kind of customer service – you’re dealing with their money.”  She stated she is still learning a lot because everything is new.  Her co-workers have been terrific, she added, and she really enjoys GRSB.
Amanda was born in Alexandria, Minnesota, but was raised in Grand Rapids.  She has one sister, one brother and three nieces and nephews.  And we won’t forget her family’s four dogs – two yellow labs and two Cavalier King Charles spaniels. 
Amanda loves to go camping and fishing.  One favorite destination is Lake of the Woods.  “I love to ice fish, too,” she said. “It’s another plus of living on a lake in this area.”  Amanda stated she’s not a big hunter.  “But that’s okay…camping and fishing are the best.”

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