Employee profile: Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson was hired as a GRSB teller on January 28, and interestingly she was referred by another new employee, Senior Vice President-Lending Jeff Lee. 

“This is small world stuff, I know,” said Tammy, “but my cousin from Hibbing sits on the Blue Line Booster Club Board with Jeff.  Jeff mentioned that Grand Rapids State Bank was looking to hire a teller, so I applied.  And here I am.”

Tammy grew up in Columbia Heights, a northern Twin Cities suburb, and graduated from Hennepin Technical College in Brooklyn Park with education in retail merchandising and management.  She worked for Ace Hardware, Walgreen’s and the Federal Reserve Bank.

“The job with the Fed involved working the night shift, and after six months I found another job in the banking world,” said Tammy.  She accepted a job with Citizens Independent Bank in Robbinsdale.

“It was a family-owned community bank, and I really liked the atmosphere,” said Tammy.  “It was a great place to work and I became involved in many aspects of banking in various jobs during the five years I worked there: consumer-commercial loans, safe deposit boxes, collections, new accounts, part-time teller, and receptionist.”

Tammy left the banking world to stay home with her children, and she took the opportunity to operate a day-care out of her home.

“It was a job that was priceless,” said Tammy, “to be able to be with my kids all day every day!  The best years were when all of their friends would come and hang out, sometimes for the whole weekend.  I so loved having the ‘house’ everyone came to.”

She lived in the Twin Cities until her recent divorce.  Her children, Danielle (age 21) and Jonah (age 20), live in the Cities and are making their own way in life. 

“I needed a change of scenery,” Tammy explained.  “My kids were doing OK, and decided to pull up stakes, grab my dog, and move to northern Minnesota to be with other family members.  I was helping my brother build his house in Cook last summer, and then began looking for jobs in earnest.”

Tammy and her family have had roots in northern Minnesota for years, so working in Grand Rapids gives her a very peaceful feeling.  “It’s like living on vacation for me,” she added.

Tammy will be buying a foreclosed house in Hibbing on May 8, and then she will begin the process of remodeling.  She is taking on this work herself, and she’s looking forward to it. 

“I enjoy the physical work and the process of remodeling,” said Tammy.  “It’s so rewarding when you’re finished.”

“A half-hour commute from Hibbing to Grand Rapids is easy,” said Tammy.  “Besides, I love working here, and I would gladly commute to work at a place that doesn’t feel corporate and is comforting in a hometown way.  That’s what I feel here at Grand Rapids State Bank.

“I hit the ‘reboot’ button when I got divorced, and I want to set myself up for success,” Tammy concluded.  “Working here is part of my plan, and I’m looking forward to the adventure.”

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