Employee profile: Brittany Bourassa

Brittany Bourassa began her second employment stint at Grand Rapids State Bank on Tuesday, September 13.  Her new role is item processor, a job that entails proofing and processing all the checks issued on Grand Rapids State Bank and Minnesota Lakes Bank accounts.  This involves brand new duties and a steep learning curve.

“I’m excited to return to Grand Rapids State Bank and looking forward to the new challenges,” Brittany explained.  “I understand this job will involve lots of math, working with numbers, and that I have a lot to learn.”

Brittany’s first tour of duty with the bank was as a teller from December 2013 to December 2014.  Her doctors explained that her second son, Easton, was going to be born with spina bifida.  She decided to resign so she could spend more time with him and her oldest son, Prestyn, age 8. 

Brittany with Prestyn & Easton

“As it turns out, Easton is now 21 months old and doing great,” said Brittany. 

Brittany Adams was born in Grand Rapids, and after high school attended Lake Superior College for some time.  She hopes to return to school in the future.

“I have two sons, and my life has revolved around them for the most part,” said Brittany.  “Prestyn is in third grade at Murphy Elementary School here in Grand Rapids.  He plays baseball and loves his little brother.”

For her part, Brittany enjoys being outdoors, especially kayaking, fishing and bringing the boys to the park.  She has begun running road races (5Ks, mostly) and really enjoys them.  She most recently ran the Tall Timber Days 5K here in Grand Rapids in early August. Like many Minnesotans, especially early in the season, she’s a Vikings fan.

“I’m glad to be back at the bank,” she added.  “I’d been working two jobs, and I’m looking forward to working with Brenda Hendrickson and the learning a whole new aspect of the bank’s operations.”

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