Employee profile: Jessi Rolle

Grand Rapids State Bank’s two-person item processing department has had a 100% turnover in the past six months.  At the beginning of 2016, the Item Processing department was staffed with two veterans, Brenda Hendrickson and Cathy Benham.  Jessi Rolle is the newest of the two item processors the bank now employs.  The item processing team—Jessi and her coworker, Brittany Adams—is responsible for processing and balancing the thousands of checks that flow through Grand Rapids State Bank and its sister bank, Minnesota Lakes Bank. 

 “I’ve worked in a variety of office settings,” Jessi explained, “including two banks: First National Bank of Coleraine and American Bank in Grand Rapids. Both of those banks were smaller, so I ended up learning a wide range of skills, from tellering to balancing the vault to opening new deposit accounts.

“I’ve also worked at Glorvigen, Theis, Lind & Co. for many years and built lasting relationships there,” Jessi continued.  “Enbridge and Casper Construction were the latest positions I held working with the pipeline.  With everything going on with the pipeline unfortunately there were a lot of layoffs throughout the year, so it was best for my family to work in a more stable position.  I am very glad to be here at Grand Rapids State Bank, and it doesn’t come any more stable than GRSB,” said Jessi. 

Minnesota Lakes Bank’s Delano and Mound offices converted their core processing system earlier this year, and with increased automation and a declining number of checks to process at both banks, Jessi and Brittany manage the workflow for both operations.

“Everyone here has been so welcoming, and that is really wonderful,” Jessi said.  “I’m pretty forward and easy-going, and I’ll ask questions and speak up if I don’t understand something or have an idea.  Brittany and I are both new and we are learning the new system at the same time, but the people here are very supportive and encouraging.  It’s such a positive place to be.”

Jessi is a Grand Rapids High School graduate.  She resides here in Grand Rapids with Matthew Rajala.  She has two sons, Ricco and Marco, ages 11 and 9, and Matthew has three children: Maija, Matti and Mira, aged 17, 13 and 9.  “We have five children together so we keep busy; life is never boring,” said Jessi.

“Our kids get along very well, they hang out like siblings and also sometimes disagree like siblings, but we have lots of laughs.  Considering all of their different personalities, we have a really wonderful group of kids,” Jessi continued.  

Jessi is an active person, and she enjoys water sports, hunting and fishing in particular, both summer and winter.  “I love, love, love fishing,” said Jessi.  “We live on Little Bass Lake, which gives our family plenty of access to the water.  Our combined families have a few additional places on area lakes that we have access to as well, so that is a big part of our everyday lives, hobbies and passions.

“All of our kids are active in many sports and activities, so our family is always on the go,” she continued.  “For both Matt and I, family and faith are very important and we try to instill that with our children in various ways.  We respect the traditions we have both developed in our families and have enjoyed creating new traditions within our blended family.”

Jessi is also a committee member for The Bash and an active volunteer for DARE, two local activities that are family-oriented.  She enjoys helping and working with others, and it shows.

Jessi loves the people she works with.  “This is a really great environment with a fun and supportive group of ladies in my department. Even though our office is in the lower level of the bank, I get lots of interaction with other people and additional departments here at this bank and at Minnesota Lakes Bank.”

 “I’ve only been here at the bank a short while, but I really look forward to being part of the GRSB team,” Jessi added.  “I am excited about the many opportunities and challenges that come along with this new position.”

Jessi's and Matt's family: (front row): Ricco, Marco and Mira; (back) Matti, Matt, Jessi and Maija. 

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