Employee Profile: Angi Decker

Although she is one of the newer members of Grand Rapids State Bank’s teller team, Angi Decker has hit the ground running.  While the teller department in community banks is where many employees learn the basics of banking, Angi brings some real-life customer service experience to her new job.

Angi’s first day of employment at GRSB was February 16.  She moved to Hill City in 2009, and she has learned since then that the bank with Grand Rapids as its namesake was someplace she wanted to work. 
“I liked working as part of a team, and this bank had a good reputation,” said Angi.  “From what I’ve experienced since I began working here, that is certainly true.  There is such a warm, welcoming atmosphere here, and it’s apparent from all the people I’ve worked with that customers are truly Number One!
“That’s important to me.  This is the kind of place I wanted to work, so I was delighted with the chance to work here,” Angi added. 
Angi’s most recent work experience in the Grand Rapids area prior to her joining GRSB was at the Evans Insurance Agency where she worked as an insurance agent and customer service representative.  Angi has also worked at banks in Cambridge and Mora and at American Bank in Grand Rapids.  
Angi grew up in Cambridge, Minnesota, a two-hour drive south of Grand Rapids.  Her husband, Todd, works as a metal fabricator at Lemco Hydraulics in Hill City.  She and Todd have a 17-year old son, Austin, and two dogs, a Pomeranian poodle named Trixie and a new golden lab, Diesel.  The dogs get along pretty well, she reports.   
Angi likes to spend time with her family.  And since she and Todd bought a home on a lake north of Hill City, the two of them have been working to remodel it. 

“We both enjoy doing this kind of work, so it’s been a good project for us,” Angi added.  “We have a lot of land at this site, and we’re really making this our home.”


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