Employee Profile: Derekia Kuschel

One of the things Derekia Kuschel really likes about her job as an account service representative is interacting with customers. She has plenty of opportunity for that interaction, too: she helps customers open new accounts, assists people if they have any concerns with online banking, and she is the go-to person for people who want to access their safe deposit boxes.

“I was hired in 2013 as a teller, became a head teller a couple of years later and in May 2017, when Gayle Adams retired, I moved into my current role,” said Derekia. “I love this work, especially developing rapport with customers.

“One of our regular customers was in the bank recently, and I was busy with someone else when he was here in the lobby,” said Derekia. “He came back a second time a little while later to make sure I knew he was having open heart surgery next month. I was so honored that he cared enough to make a point of keeping me in the loop.”

Outside of work, Derekia keeps busy with her teenage son and daughter who will be a high school senior and junior, respectively. Derekia also loves fishing, watching her daughter’s sports teams, and anything related to football.

“I am in two fantasy football leagues, and I watch more football than my husband (Lance),” said Derekia.  “Am I a little competitive? Maybe, but it’s a hobby that keeps me happy.”

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