New Online Banking Service Ready to Use

Grand Rapids State Bank has rolled out an update of its online banking service effective Monday, February 23.   Business and individual customers alike will benefit from the new platform. 

“We’ve been working on this for months,” explained Lynn Acheson, vice president-operations.  “We worked hard to make sure the transition from the former system to this one would be as seamless as possible, and I think we’ve accomplished that for the most part.  We selected a vendor who offered a consistent user experience from a customer’s desktop to their mobile device. 

“We’ve been working with our existing customers to make sure they have as smooth a transition as we can offer.  We’ve staffed up our help desk beginning on the 23rd to make sure we can respond personally to customers as quickly as possible.”

“We recognize that because it’s different there may be some who don’t appreciate or even like the changed look and feel,” said Ed Zabinski, senior vice president.  “However, we’ve had early feedback that the new layout is intuitive and easy to navigate. 

“We really value the beefed-up security feature we’re able to provide our business customers in particular,” Zabinski continued.  “We know they appreciate that added value.  As we move forward, we’ll continue to communicate with other businesses who haven’t taken a look at our online banking services yet to see if we can interest them in the new platform.”

Here is a quick list of some of GRSB’s new virtual banking service:

Multi-dimensional security features: stronger security features and behind-the-scenes analytics to help our customers guard against potential fraudulent activity

Mobile remote deposit: use your mobile device cameras to capture check images and deposit funds on the go.

Person-to-person payments

  • Transfer funds to another  GRSB customer account from your desktop or mobile device GRSB customer to GRSB customer
  • Transfer funds to another “external” account
  • Two-step process validates account information prior to funds transfer

Unified user experience: our new mobile banking interface is consistent on all of your devices

Customized alerts: create and manage alerts for your accounts to keep you on top of managing your money.

Bill pay: View and pay your e-bills (electronic bill) online. 

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