Employee profile: Stephanie Gambill

Stephanie Gambill was hired at Grand Rapids State Bank on October 19 as a credit analyst.  Stephanie graduated from North Dakota State University in May 2015 with a major in accounting and a minor in fraud investigation.  During her college years she found employment with Cornerstone Bank in Fargo.  She was hired to work as a teller and then was hired as a summer accounting intern.  After graduation she accepted a temporary job in their mortgage department.

“I really wanted to work at a community bank,” said Stephanie.  “I didn’t want to be with a big national bank that doesn’t care about their customers.  I love how community banks focus on their customers.”
Since Stephanie is fresh into her employment here at GRSB, she chuckled when asked if there were many challenges with her position.  “So far,” she stated, “everyone has been so friendly and helpful.” 
Stephanie was born and raised in Moorhead, Minnesota, and graduated from Moorhead High School.  She moved to Grand Rapids to attend Itasca Community College and to play for the Minnesota Crunch, a junior level women’s hockey team.  Junior hockey is the level of hockey between high school and college, and Stephanie had hoped to parlay this experience into interest from a Division 3 school. 
“Division 3 schools are expensive, so I thought I’d try juniors,” Steph explained.  “I played defense; you know, the big bully on the team.  Actually, I did spend a lot of time in the penalty box.  I played with a lot of people smaller than me, and they didn’t like it when I tried to move them out of the way.” Since then, Stephanie has given up her time with a hockey team but still enjoys some casual hockey on the rinks during the winter.
Stephanie’s job isn’t the only “new” item in her world.  She was recently (Saturday, October 10) married to her husband, Justin Gambill.  Justin is from Grand Rapids and after attending the University of Wisconsin-Stout, he returned to Grand Rapids and now works at Itasca County Child Protection Services. 
“During the summer between the years I attended ICC, I worked as a waitress at the Harbor Restaurant,” said Steph.  “It’s a bit of a cliché, but we were attracted to each other the first time we met.  We knew some of the same people, so we ended up dating.”
Stephanie and Justin love to hunt together and enjoy spending time with their families.  Stephanie’s family resides in Moorhead, so the stretch of road between Grand Rapids and Moorhead has become all too familiar to Justin and her. 
Stephanie and Justin also own a chocolate lab, Yogi.  “He is kind of a monster,” said Stephanie.  “He weighs 105 pounds!”
After her first week on the job, Stephanie is still excited.  “Everything has been going very well,” she said, “but my biggest challenge just now is remembering everyone’s name.  We don’t wear nametags here so I can’t cheat. 
“There are similarities between Grand Rapids State Bank and Cornerstone since they’re both community banks,” Steph continued.  “I take some comfort in that, and I look forward to what lies ahead."

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