Stay Alert, Stay Secure with Grand Rapids State Bank Online Security Center

No one wants to fall victim to a scam, but unfortunately, fraud has become an all-too-common occurrence and is on the rise. According to Consumer Reports, fraud and identity-theft complaints tracked by the Federal Trade Commission topped 1.2 million last year, up 19 percent over 2010 and 800 percent since 2000. Introduction to new technology has allowed scam artists to become more sophisticated, reaching consumers in a variety of channels. 

Knowing this, Grand Rapids State Bank has made it a priority to ensure our customers’ money and data are secure and confidential. Our Security Center is designed to help our customers be aware of how we’re working hard to keep your personal and financial information safe, and to help you know what to consider suspicious activity so you don’t get caught in a scam.

To keep pace with the changing economy, different scams are being implemented across the country daily. We are always informed of new activity that may directly impact our online banking users and make it a priority to notify our customers if they should be on alert. While we do our best to protect our customers, it is also important for customers to stay informed about their online transactions. We will never ask you to provide or update your personal or financial information through e-mail or online.

Furthermore, to better serve and protect you, Grand Rapids State Bank uses a variety of technologies and techniques to secure the products and services to which we provide access. In addition to offering extra security options for our customers, it is also important that consumers alike understand the risks. That is why our Security Center suggests tips for using your personal computer or when managing finances online. Following easy processes and learning about spam and phishing (two examples of scam techniques) can help protect your computer against unwanted intrusions.


As financial scams evolve, it is important that we provide our customers with the most current education, technology and services to keep your information safe. For more information on how to stay secure, ask your banker about Grand Rapids State Bank’s Security Center or visit

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