Target Corporation data breach update

On Monday, December 23, Grand Rapids State Bank received its first list of more than 500 debit and credit card account numbers from Visa that may have been subject to potential fraudulent activity as part of the Target Corporation’s security breach from November 27 through December 15.  Since then, Grand Rapids State Bank has received periodic lists with names of additional GRSB customers who may have been similarly affected.  Whenever possible, GRSB employees have attempted to contact those customers by phone.  All others have been mailed a letter with more information about the situation.

To ensure our customers do not experience any difficulties with fraud as a result of this breach, we have closed and reissued those Grand Rapids State Bank debit and credit cards.  We have been advised by Visa that customers can expect to receive their new cards from 7 to 10 business days after reissuance.  Please bear in mind that year-end holidays and the sheer volume of card processing traffic Visa is handling may affect those timelines. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused.  Customers with questions are asked to please contact the GRSB card department (Jeri Hanson, 326-9419, ext. 279). 

In the meantime, customers are urged to monitor their credit card accounts by reviewing their online or paper statements.  If you suspect you have encountered any unauthorized activity, please contact Grand Rapids State Bank immediately.  

More updated information about the overall Target security issue is available at Target’s corporate website (


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